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Recipe: Butter Mints

My husband has an undying passion for butter mints and I have an undying passion for doTerra essential oils, so I combined the two to create this amazing butter mint recipe! Use your favoriteĀ Certified Pure Therapeutic GradeĀ Essential Oil for flavoring. I ALWAYS use doTerra Essential Oils, and then only the ones that are listed as … Continue reading Recipe: Butter Mints

Essential Oil Party! (April 2016 Edition)

This will be an awesome event over the span of a full week! Take advantage of the open party to socialize, learn, love and grow! Please bring your questions, comments, excitement and friends! April 1 through April 8, 2016! All those party-goers who purchase $50 USD or more during the course of the week will … Continue reading Essential Oil Party! (April 2016 Edition)

Allergy Relief

Allergic Rhinitis, often referred to as Hay Fever or Seasonal Allergies, is an over-reaction of the immune system to a certain item present in our environment. This could be dust, pollen, dander, certain flowers or plants, you can be allergic to just about anything. Most people take an over-the-counter or prescription allergy relief tablet, shot … Continue reading Allergy Relief

Getting a New Dog (Part 2): Size and Breed

Okay, you have made the first two big decisions: 1, to get a dog and 2, you chose between selecting from a reputable breeder, a rescue group or animal shelter. Now it is time to look critically at yourself, your lifestyle, your family and your home so you can determine what type of dog to … Continue reading Getting a New Dog (Part 2): Size and Breed

Doggie Emotions, Nature & Instincts

Yes, dogs have emotions! They are creatures of instinct but they also have emotions and can have strong emotional ties to their pack and human family. Before you can help your dog to be a truly happy and balanced animal, you must first understand their instincts and emotions. By understanding why your dog does what … Continue reading Doggie Emotions, Nature & Instincts

Getting a New Dog (Part 1): Rescue or Breeder?

In this installment of the "Getting a New Dog" series, we will go over the first big decision, after the decision to get a new dog of course! This could be the biggest decision that you make: Should I go to a rescue group or animal shelter for my new dog or should I go … Continue reading Getting a New Dog (Part 1): Rescue or Breeder?

Intro to Behavior Issues in Dogs

Even puppies may have some behavior issues and without a doubt, most older dogs do as well. When you raise your dog from a tiny puppy, it is usually pretty easy to recognize behavior problems early on and nip them in the bud easily before they become a real problem. I will discuss puppy training … Continue reading Intro to Behavior Issues in Dogs